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Press Articles:

  • Cancer Active – Jessica Richards breast cancer Black Salve story from Madeleine Kingsley.
  • The Sun – ‘I refused drugs and chemo to battle my breast cancer with fresh veg’.

Video Presentations & Interviews:

Back2Health Radio Interview, August 5th, 2014
Fiona interviews three inspirational women diagnosed with breast cancer who have taken their health into their own hands – Jessica Richards, Nina Joy and Ann Devlin

Jessica Richards – Integrative Breast Cancer Care – at the Back2Health Conference – Jessica Richards speaking about her experience of having been diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the Back 2 Health Integrate Cancer Care Conference in Bristol 2013.  As well as her work within large corporate organisations, or within her rooms in Harley Street, Jessica runs a number of seminars, either private or for organisations such as ACE VIntage CEO clubs YPO.She also hosts an annual spring retreat in Scotland, a training programme which was hosted by ACE last year for it’s chairmen and members and Wolf seminars on site at the Anglian Wolf Society where business and personnel issues are viewed from a completely different point of view.

Topic of Cancer – Inspirational Jessica Richards interviewed by Durwin Banks – An inspired and practical guide that will help you take control when faced with Cancer.

The Topic of Cancer – Jessica Richards shares her passion for having the information you need to choose your own pathway of care in your cancer treatment

How Jessica Richards Beat Breast Cancer with Alternative Therapies – Jessica Richards was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2007. Her doctors told her she needed accelerated chemo, mastectomy with reconstruction, six weeks of radiotherapy and five years of hormone blockers. Nine years later she is completely well. There is no sign of cancer in her body and she did no medical treatment!

Jessica Richards Interview with Thomas Meadmore from Cancer Conflict – Jessica Richards speaks out on an interview with Thomas Meadmore from Cancer Conflict. Jessica is an advocate of whatever works. What is important, she says, is not whether the treatment is conventional or unconventional but rather that everyone with cancer has access to factual and objective facts regarding treatments.


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