"This is the truth about me and my life. This is my direction, my path, my blueprint, my soul's purpose."
"The process works in both clinical and corporate settings. Knowing what our hidden patterns are and how we can change them is liberating and inspiring."
"Express your fullest potential through the way you live your life."
"To have true purpose in life is to more consciously fulfill our destiny."
"No problem can be solved with the same consciousness that created it." Albert Einstein
"When I have helped surface someones compelling vision and resolved emotional blocks to achievement it can be helpful to engage a wider development team."

Book Reviews

This book is so incredible it should be given away free by the national health, 2 Feb 2012. By Marisa (London)

This book is such an asset to anyone who has cancer or is supporting a loved one through cancer or in fact any illness. When someone close has cancer it's hard to know what to do, what to say and what kind of practical advice to offer. This book helps you to ask and answer the right questions and to do things that make a real difference. Too many books offering guidance on this subject are so lengthy and so full of medical jargon that they appear too daunting to read or understand, especially by someone who is ill. Jessica's own story is such an inspiration and written in an easy to read way, her sense of humour shines through and makes the book quite a compelling read.

As a nutritionist I have long been concerned that cancer patients are either given no dietary advice or the wrong dietary advice. Many cancers are hormone driven and the type of food eaten can make a huge difference to the patients recovery so I am delighted that Topic of Cancer gives the right dietary advice with recipes that are easy and appealing. We all know that proper food is a form of medicine and finally here is more proof. This book is useful to anyone who is ill, not just with cancer, so if you are visiting a sick friend instead of taking flowers or chocolates give them this book. I hope it becomes required reading in medical school one day soon.


Great book!, 1 Feb 2012. By Sally Bannis

Having just completed reading this book i have to say i found it very inspiring, knowledgeable and whitty! Jessica takes a fresh look at this dreadful disease which affects so many of us, there are some great recipes in the book which i am looking forward to trying too. Well Done Jessica, and thank you for a lovely read on such a desperate subject.


Thank you, 1 Feb 2012. By Ms. Helen J. Mcnallen

I too wish this book had been around years ago when my sister was diagnosed with cancer. I bought and read everything about cancer I could find to help at the time. My sister couldn't read or concentrate on anything as she was so stressed with her diagnosis and the prospect of what was ahead of her. I even had to read the leaflets we were given by the hospital. She would have been able to read this book though. It's not frightening, or packed with science. It's practical and comforting and honest. It was hard for friends and family too to know what to do and how to be around my sister. This book helps us too. Thank you very much Jessica. I would recommend this to anyone going through or knowing anyone going through cancer.


Not just for cancer - a guide for dealing with life, 28 Jan 2012. By S. Humphreys

What a brilliant book. It's really easy to read and doesn't use emotive language that scares people. There is real practical help for both the person suffering but also the people around them. The practical tips in this book and the way of thinking could be applied to any big challenge that any of us can face in life. I'm already recommending this book to people I know that are having a tough time, or are close to someone that is having a tough time - basically everyone!


The Topic of Cancer (Paperback), 23 Jan 2012. By Ke nGray

I wish this book had been around years ago. It would have helped friends and family through some difficult decisions and processes. We should all be aware of how cancer can affect our relationships with loved ones and those trying to help them. Never an easy subject to discuss or approach. This book is superb, thoroughly recommend.


What a lifeline, 23 Jan 2012. By Jayne Ireland (UK)

I have the greatest respect for this woman.
After reading this book it has helped me to face what I have always dreaded the thought of - Cancer!
I urge anyone to buy this book as part of their LIFE LIBRARY. It is full of easy to follow advice, suggestions on where to start in such turmoil. Most of us have or are affected by this terrible disease but Jessica Richards takes you down a comforting knowledgeable path with sincerity and humour. Thank you Jessica x


Inspirational!, 14 Jan 2012. By R. DALY (London, UK)

The Topic of Cancer is one woman's personal perspective on the experience of breast cancer, her response to it, and her distillation of the insights she gained along the way.

Jessica Richards is an unusually focussed and feisty character who many might feel would be a tough act to follow, but the inspiration alone that oozes from her book makes it well worth the read, as this has the power to raise anyone's personal expectations. As a management trainer who has spent years inspiring change in her clients, she walks the talk when faced with one of the biggest challenges life can throw at us.

Above all else, Jessica entreats her readers to find their own way through, not to allow themselves to be rushed, cajoled, pressured or sweet talked into taking any steps that they have not considered fully and settled on as the best way forward. If you are going to have 'standard treatment', do it because it's the best thing for you, not because it's the easiest thing. After all, you will be the one personally reaping the consequences of that decision, not your doctor, your family or anyone else.

Jessica herself chose a very 'alternative' treatment path, but she does not allow herself to get bogged down in 'either/or' dialogues. She simply set this out as her choice and encourages her readers to make theirs. No-one has all the answers to cancer and so the only ethical locus for decision making lies with the person with cancer. They generally have far less interest in the politics of cancer treatment than in the likely outcome.

One small reservation - Jessica's advice on important equipment such as a juicer and a blender - to just get on and buy something, and get using it - whilst I appreciate the need to avoid prevaricating, for many people, financial resources are severely limited and so some good advice on what to buy and where would be useful.

The book is very well structured and the writing style totally accessible, with each chapter broken down into clear points. This makes it easy to dip in and find the information needed at any given stage. It is quite as valuable to family and friends as it is to the person with cancer, as it quickly conveys how things look from the strange upended world their loved one now inhabits.

Full credit to Jessica for managing to pack so much practical advice and concentrated inspiration into such a slim volume - literary 'superfood'. If you or someone you know has recently had the misfortune of being diagnosed with cancer, then there's little excuse for not getting a copy.

Robin Daly - Founder & Chairman, Yes to Life


About so much than cancer, 16 Mar 2012, By Peter P (Midlands)

Jessica's book is indeed very helpful in providing a mass of useful and practical tips about how cancer works and how to combat it's effects drawing upon the tools and wisdom of holistic medicine to complement the well-know "medical" strategies. However it is so much more than that - the tips about diet and wellness are applicable to all of us: about getting and staying healthy and fit for life.
It also has some simple tasty recipes and a great list of potential resources and interviews with the experts who helped Jess in her recovery.

Actually a surprisingly easy and enjoyable read on such a heavy topic.


Health and fitness, 15 Mar 2012, By Anne J

I have read Jessica's book and have found it an excellent read. My brother has recently tackled cancer and my father lost his fight 11 years ago. Jessica is an amazing woman and I know this personally as she works out with me. Her dedication to fitness has certainly helped her through. I marvel sometimes at the way Jessica pushes herself in classes and she is so aware of how important fitness is, especially to anyone who is unwell. I sometimes wish I had Jessica's steely determination.
I also loved the recipes and have started making some of them myself.
Well done Jessica, great book. Keep that fitness level up.....you really are superwoman and you look amazing ..


The Topic of Cancer by Jessica Richards, 14 Mar 2012, By S Brown

Jessica Richards Book "The Topic of Cancer" is a fascinating and informative read for anyone who has an interest in finding out how to deal with this dreadful disease. Most of us have been affected in some way by cancer; Jessica's book gives an insight from her own personal experience and from extensive research from a number of specialists which makes this an informative and enjoyable read on what is a very difficult subject for many people to discuss. Jessica's personality and life experience's add depth to this book and may help the readers relate with her experiences and find ways to help them in dealing with this disease. A recommended read to take bits of information away to suit your situation.


What a Fantastic Book, 14 Mar 2012, By Dave H (Manchester)

Truly Inspirational, a brilliant book dealing with such a difficult and daunting subject in both a practical and 'love life' way, I really liked the sections dedicated to the '10 point checklists', Ten questions to ask the Doctors, Ten ways to change your mind and the brilliant summary 'what are the main points again'.

Jessica's humour and spirit is reassuringly there after every page turn, the Topic of Cancer really is a must read and a book to go back to again and again.


The Topic of Cancer, 12 Mar 2012, By Paula Wooding

In writing about her personal journey of dealing with cancer, Jessica has brought to life the reality for all those involved - the patient, the loved ones & carers, even the medics.
This book is a 'go-to' handbook - written so that you can dip in & out and back again into the particular subjects as they arise.
It touches on the matters that the medics avoid and the loved ones can't know about..on the things the cancer patient doesn't want to ask or to worry anyone with.
Jessica has a practical,inspirational and at times humorous approach to dealing with the mind-blowing diagnosis of cancer.
She has embraced the medical information,gathered experience from cancer patients,looked into the wider world for other options-then remained grounded whilst she made her own choices with regard to her treatment.
Most of all..Jessica's book encourages us all to give ourselves permission to be in the 'driving seat' of our life at this difficult time
..whatever the choice of treatment...let it be YOUR choice...


The best gift you can give, 12 Mar 2012, By A1 Pestmaster

I am so impressed with the objective and practical advice provided by Jessica's book that I have purchased and gifted copies to several people I know that have either been recently diagnosed with breast cancer, or are some way down the path of coventional treatment. In all cases the benefit derived from both practical advice has been immense. However, the greatest benefit has been from the resultant boost of mental strength that Jessica's story and encouragement produces. Stephen Meredith


A unique MUST read, 12 Mar 2012, By Lisa G

Whilst there are many great books on this topic that affects so many people, this is most definitely a unique must read - unlike anything else you will find on your bookshelf. It balances being inspiring with 'oodles' of readable hints, tips and common sense.



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